ECSC 1951 is not a license-plate!

ECSC 1951 is not a license-plate!


The British people have a tough decision to make in just a couple of weeks time. It concerns whether or not they should stay in the European Union. I am voting YES because I rather like the flag.


And yes, I realise that remark is about as shallow as the English Channel. I do have another reason though and that reason is … the ECSC.

Tumbleweed moment ...

Tumbleweed moment …

You want me explain. I had a feeling you would.

( OK, YOU didn’t so that’s why I’ve put YOU in brackets and highlighted YOU in red).

The rest of you, the ones I like to call THE PERFECT ONES, well you just read on my fine friends.


Flag of the ECSC

 The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was an international organisation serving to unify certain Continental European countries after World War II. It was formally established in 1951 by the Treaty of Paris, which was signed by Belgium, France,West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The ECSC was the first international organisation to be based on the principles of supranationalism and would ultimately lead the way to the founding of the European Union.


Founding members of the ECSC: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany (Algeria was an integral part of the French Republic)

The ECSC was first proposed by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950 as a way to prevent further war between France and Germany. He declared his aim was to “make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible” which was to be achieved by regional integration, of which the ECSC was the first step. The Treaty would create a common market for coal and steel among its member states which served to neutralise competition between European nations over natural resources, particularly in the Ruhr.





14 responses to “ECSC 1951 is not a license-plate!

  1. Yes Kris, you are showing our ages like a madam with her skirt up for the boys, you flirt!

  2. This is very educational, thank you. The stuff about cakes was better though. Many hugs!

    • I wonder if there are any European directives about cakes. There must be. 🍰🍩🍸🍸😎

      • Wasn’t the whole is it a cake, is a biscuit thing decided by the EU? Or was it the WI? Either way, I believe that a cake goes hard when it goes stale and a biscuit goes soft. That’s how you know.

      • Yes, I believe you’re right. I generally like to dunk biscuits in a mug of tea. It is a merciful death for digestives and custard creams. Hard cake is nice with hot custard. I know you know these things. I would like to remain in the EU. Have a doughnut. 🍩

      • Keep feeding me cakes and doughnuts and I shall be part of anything, anywhere. I have no problem with the EU. I bet they have some amazing cakes.

      • Excellent. I’ll be sure to remember. 🍰🍰🍰

  3. i think that exiting is going to create a lot of unforeseen difficulties with associations and interconnections But i have to admit this is confusing for us across the pond.

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