20/03/2012 Torn and tattered Union Jack flag on Plymouth Hoe pic by Lucy Duval

EU Referendum results


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VOTES 17,410,742VOTES


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VOTES 16,141,241 VOTE



  1. “The grass is always greener……….!” From my perspective, leaving EU is a strategically bad move and simply caters to questionable nationalistic feelings. Sadly, nationalistic feelings alone cannot take the UK into a more nirvana like existence which many seem to believe is their entitlement.
    It was very sad to read about the concerns over better pensions, better work and pay, and other clear material./financial desires when so much of our world is still in simple survival mode. The “leave EU” arguments were so often simple statements if ignorance and arrogance. I really want to hide my birth certificate.
    Many politicians are going to be taking some heat in the immediate future when those speculative benefits of leaving EU are not realized so … “Let the complaints begin!”

    • Hi Colin. Also, the voting demographics show that the younger voters were overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the European Union. (As was I). They are the future so it is a disaster to see these results.
      A fractured Europe. An ambitious Russia maybe and troop movements. North Korea. Terrorism. Mass migration.
      Where on earth are we heading.

  2. I really can’t help think you’ve got it spot on there Kris. All the best

  3. I understand PM Cameron will be leaving too. Does this mean a whole new make over for the UK?

    • At the moment … nobody knows. When Cameron goes then a new person from his own party will take over. Then, there may well be a General Election to decided the political party in power. There is also a chance that Scotland will have its own Referendum as they voted very firmly to stay in the EU.
      Hopefully common sense and decency will prevail as otherwise we will see a political and economic bloodbath.

  4. Deeply depressed by the result, especially as I’ve moved back to the UK after the traumatising end of my relationship. Your headline says it all. Who knows what ghastly future awaits.

    • Yes, it is a bad day. I live in Scotland and some time in Greece. I’ve seen 3 referendums recently and they are all turning out badly for ordinary folk.It has really divided the British people on several levels. So sorry to hear about your own personal circumstances. I wish you happiness and good things very soon. And your talent will see you through.
      All the best.

  5. I am deeply saddened by what happened there. I’ve been thinking about moving to UK, but future looks uncertain now!

  6. Interesting responses from across the pond, since many of us see the parallels here, I think immigration drove that vote. It may do the same here,

  7. I am not a very well politically informed person. But to me, it appears like a big challenge now for Britain in many, many ways. I thought they should have stayed and instead should have been going for changes within the EU. Now they have no voice anymore and are isolated. Perhaps I see it too dramatic but I believe so and it is also a strong impact on the world economy in general.

    • You are right, Erika. The UK will not find it easy. Also,there is division because of this.

      • The result was close and I can imagine that there will be unhappy voice gettin loud about it in many parts of the country!

      • Thanks Erika. It will settle down I expect. There are calls for unity. But why, when people feel they have been let down and kicked in the teeth. A great many immigrants especially are worried.

    • I think you have it in a pretty good perspective. Not only do I question just how independent the UK can be in these times, but the whole issue has divided the country pretty much in half, and I see no benefits from that whatsoever. I think the politicians fell down unforgivably by not negotiating with EU more responsibly (every negotiation includes at least two agendas), but the population split can only lead to finger pointing and general apathy, neither of which will serve the UK well.

  8. I see the parallels here and it’s not pretty in either place.

  9. Great graphics. Depressing topic.

  10. It seems UK got in serious trouble. The saddest thing is that the people themselves decided about this. On the other hand, I hope it will be a wake up call for European Union leaders to transform it into organization integrating countries and people rather than dominating them.

  11. So true and so sad. It should never have been put into ‘play’ like this – a disaster that will take years to unfold…

  12. All the best EU. Let us see how things will unfold.

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