Night Without Stars …

Night Without Stars …


Night Without Stars is a 1951 British black and white thriller starring David Farrar, Nadia Gray and Maurice Teynac. The screenplay was written by Winston Graham based upon his eponymous 1950 novel. 


When English lawyer Giles Gordon (David Farrar), partially blinded during service in World War II, retires to the French Riviera, he meets and falls in love with shop girl Alix Delaisse (Nadia Gray), the widow of a French Resistance fighter. Restaurateur Pierre Chava (Gérard Landry) approaches Giles and warns him off with the claim that Alix is already promised to him. He tells Giles that Alix is involved with black marketers, blackmailers and murderers from the war years and demands that Giles forget her and return to England.


5 responses to “Night Without Stars …

  1. I always loved these old movies …

  2. ACK! Now I want to know the rest of the story!!

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