Now picture this …

Hello. This post is open to everybody.

Routine Matters


We are all sorts on here. Writers, novelists, essayists, poets,
educators, Viking warriors, playwrights, short-story writers, artists, photographers, philosophers, historians, two-headed bio-engineers from Grebulon 5 who have somehow managed to tap into BT broadband and … YOU.

b&w viking&computer_medium

Some of you are young and vibrant with your lives stretching out before you like … stretchy things. Others of us are not quite so young but still possess a remarkable joie de vivre and spirit of adventure that reaches to the very stars.

The one thing we definitely have in common is our love of written communication.


OK guys. But I want all the negatives back!

Anyway …  I was wondering where you all work on your blogs and other writings. I do a fair amount of my work right here …

Imgp6397_kindlephoto-429677697This is my Father Christmas on holiday look

Imgp5518_kindlephoto-197781926This is my writer being bothered by a cat look.

I would…

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19 responses to “Now picture this …

  1. There an Algerian writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi who mentioned in a recent interview that she writes in her bed(Me too, do my reading & writing there!), also read somewhere that Maya Agelou used also to write in bed, she would rent a room in a hotel, climb into the bed & start writing & she used to keep the bible always beside her during her writing.

  2. Either at my desk at home, in the dining room, or at Starbucks…… How cliché.

  3. That’s a fine cat!

  4. Nothing glam about my writing place! I sit at a desktop in a corner of what was originally intended as (I think) the dining room. Nice and handy to the heater.

  5. Nice hat (top photo), the sweater, not so much. But each to his/her own. Thanks for the follow, right back at you. Never know, I might learn something from a younger guy,

    • Ah yes. The hat. That is my writing hat. The jumper. It was a few days after Christmas and the spirit was still in me … along with some wine. Thanks for the follow. Good to meet you.

  6. 2 things:
    1. I would like to work with your Viking warriors.
    2. This is my writer being bothered by a cat look. No sir, that is your writer bothering the cat. Haha

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