Rawhide … 1951

Rawhide … 1951


Tom Owens (Tyrone Power) is the clean-cut and sophisticated gentlemen son of the Eastern Division Manager of the Overland Mail Company, J. C. Owens. His father decides he needs to learn the business from the ground up so sends Tom out west to a remote relay station, Rawhide Pass.
A take-charge and strong-willed woman named Vinnie Holt (Susan Hayward) and her very young niece Callie arrive on a coach on their way east.
I won’t give away any plotlines in case you decide to watch it. Here is the trailer just to give you a taster …

12 responses to “Rawhide … 1951

  1. Goodness – what is that chap doing to that lady in the poster?! Mind you, she doesn’t look like she minds too much.

  2. Plus great character actors! Jack Elam for heavens sake! I loved these movies.

  3. Thanks!! Looks good, I’ll add it to my list of movies to see before I die! 🙂

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