The 1951 Rolling Review Show … Midweek Melody # 73

The 1951 Rolling Review Show … Midweek Melody # 73

Welcome to the 1951 Rolling Review Show which twice weekly features pieces of music I have enjoyed at some time in my life. I hope you enjoy them as well. Let me know if you do.


 Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Tiny Tim (1968)

 Tiptoe Through the Tulips” is a popular song written by Al Dublin and Joe Burke and originally published in 1929.

The “Crooning Troubadour” Nick Lucas topped the charts with “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” in 1929, after introducing the song in the musical “talkie” film Gold Diggers of Broadway. Lucas’s recording held the #1 position for 10 weeks. Other artists charted with the song in 1929, including Jean Goldkette (#5), Johnny Marvin (#11), and Roy Fox (#18).

The song was used in Sinkin’ in the Bathtub, the first Looney Tunescartoon short, in 1930. It is also heard in the opening scene of the 1945 film The Confidential Agent.

The song was revived in 1967 by the California rock group The Humane Society and in 1968 by Tiny Tim, whose version charted at #17 that year.


The incomparable Tiny Tim  (1932 – 1996) was an American singer, ukulele player, and musical archivist. He is best remembered for his rendition of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” sung in a high falsetto/vibrato voice. He really was a unique and very talented entertainer. A concert by Tiny Tim, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, 30 October 1968, at the height of his career was such a major event, that even the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were in attendance.

16 responses to “The 1951 Rolling Review Show … Midweek Melody # 73

  1. My mum used to sing this to me when I was very small! Brings back happy memories 🙂

  2. Merv Griffin and Arthur Treacher had much fun at Tiny Tim’s expense on the afternoon talk show. I never got it but then again it was the 60s and there were a lot of distractions…

  3. I remember seeing him on TV when I was very young, perhaps three or four. I don’t think I saw him much after that, though, even though he didn’t pass away until 1996. It’s a little sad how people can peak at a certain time and then fade away. 😦

  4. Oh my gosh – that guy was so strange. I remember seeing him on the late night shows and having nightmares – yes, I am afraid of Tiny Tim!

  5. Never heard of the artist nor the song. So cool you posted it. Learned something new today… so funny! Thank you, Kris!

  6. What I delight! He’s even better than I remembered.

  7. Whoops – I meant “What a delight”.

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