That post about Robert Big Track …

That post about Robert Big Track …


That post about Robert Big Track really got me thinking. Well, I don’t actually mean it got me thinking. I was already thinking something already. Wasn’t I ? Anyway. It doesn’t matter.


If you look at the pages listed right at the top you will see one called THE GARDEN. This new page is respectfully dedicated to folk born in 1951 who have since passed away.



8 responses to “That post about Robert Big Track …

  1. Hey Chris ………. take it easy my friend. While I have the greatest respect for those 1951ers who have passed on, it does make we wonder about the future of us 1946ers! Can you perhaps refocus on the 1951ers who are still with us?
    In anticipation of both still being here when you reply, and of getting a favorable reply, thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Colin. Don’t worry. It’s just a page I wanted to include.
      It will be there for those folk who are interested. I am now back on focus. And Colin … I am sure that the both of us have every intention of being around for a long time yet.
      I have people to love. I have people to annoy. I also want a few books out. 😃 All the very best. Chris.

  2. What a lovely and thoughtful thing to do, Chris.

  3. A very thoughtful thing to do Chris 🙂 And cheers to the 1951ers who are still rocking it and will continue do so for a long time!! 😀

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