New York Giants … 1951

New York Giants … 1951


The 1951 New York Giants season was the franchise’s 69th season and saw the Giants finish the regular season in a tie for first place in the National League with a record of 96 wins and 58 losses. This prompted a three-game playoff against the Brooklyn Dodgers, which the Giants won in three games, clinched by Bobby Thomson’s walk-off home run, a moment immortalized as the Shot Heard ‘Round the World. The Giants, however, lost the 1951 World Series to the New York Yankees in six games.


6 responses to “New York Giants … 1951

  1. I don’t know much about this sport I ‘m afraid.

  2. My husband grooved with this post – he was a big Yankees fan,but since he lived in New York, he was in with all the teams there!

  3. New York and 1951. A divine conjunction, apparently. Recently I caught on TV the last programme in a series of 3 by art historian Dr James Fox. The series was called Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds: a Tale of Three Cities. Third and last in the series was New York 1951. Nowt about the Giants, as I recall, but the programme came close to convincing me that 1951 was indeed a vintage year.

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