The 1951 Rolling Review Show … (Midweek Melody) # 85

The 1951 Rolling Review Show … (Midweek Melody) # 85

 Welcome to the 1951 Rolling Review Show which twice weekly features pieces of music I have enjoyed at some time in my life. I hope you enjoy them as well. Let me know if you do.


“Lucky Number” ~ Lene Lovich


Lene Lovich is an American singer, songwriter and musician of Serbian and English descent. She first gained attention in 1979 with the release of her hit single “Lucky Number”, which peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart and made her a leading figure of the new wave music scene.

7 responses to “The 1951 Rolling Review Show … (Midweek Melody) # 85

  1. Made me remember Noosha Fox (Only you can 1975) and some more of the slightly off the wall women from round then, Toyah, Hazel O’connor and one who sang about a birthday but can’t remember her name.
    Thank you.

  2. I haven’t heard her before but listening to her music here I think she is good

  3. Oh my God, Lene Lovich, how well I rememeber this song!!!!! :o)!!!

  4. Never heard of them. That song is really cute. It already sounds a lot like early 80’s sound! Thank you for sharing, Kris!

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