There are Elephants in the Room … # 10

There are Elephants in the Room … # 10

Elephant Parade is an open-air exhibition dedicated to saving the Asian elephant from extinction. For one or more months hundreds of painted elephant sculptures specially created by artists are placed in the streets of one or more host cities with the aim of increasing public awareness of the plight of the elephant and gaining support for Asian elephant conservation. They are then auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the Asian Elephant Foundation. The first Elephant Parade was held in Rotterdam in 2007. In 2010 the exhibition was held in London and one of the contributing artists was Scottish painter Jack Vettriano. He was born in 1951 and his best known work is The Singing Butler. (1992)


This painting was the basis of his particular creation for the Elephant Parade ... The Singing Butler Rides Again.




8 responses to “There are Elephants in the Room … # 10

  1. I absolutely adore the painting ‘The Singing Butler’, perhaps it is the bowler hat or my fascination with butlers that does it. What I wouldn’t give for a butler on an elephant. I hope Father Christmas is listening 🙂

    • Apparently the butler himself was based on one of Jack Vettriano’s flatmates. He was a fiscal in the Scottish fiscal service. Are we talking live butler on live elephant ?

      • That is very interesting! I feel quite educated now 🙂
        Both live things would be pretty great but I think the model versions might be more practical. Although I really, really want a real life butler.

      • 😃. I would lend you Watkins but I fear the commuting would be too much for him. Perhaps you should advertise.

      • I am nearly as accident-prone as dear Watkins, so it is probably wise to keep him where he is. Do give him my best, by the way.
        Good idea – ANY BUTLERS FANCY A JOB?

  2. The “Singing Butler” hangs in the foyer of my home. 🍓

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