Le Père Noël … Brûlé

Le Père Noël … Brûlé


On 23 December 1951, the Catholic clergy at Dijon organised an execution of Santa Claus. An image of him was hanged from the railings of the cathedral and then burned in front of several hundred Sunday School children. Father Christmas stood accused of paganizing Chrstmas and was found guilty.



Fear not. Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas are alive and well. Happy Christmas everyone.



9 responses to “Le Père Noël … Brûlé

  1. My understanding is that Dec 25 was a Pagan holiday, which was deliberately exploited by the church to attract Pagans into Christianity under the pretext of celebrating Christ’s birthday (which has been proposed by some scholars as in September).
    That 1951 event was just another glorious example of religious hypocrisy… and they wonder why church attendance has been uninspiring for so many years!

  2. I never heard of this. Stupid people!

  3. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!🎆

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