Embracing my anorak self …

Embracing my anorak self …


An anorak is a type of coat with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur. The hood protects the face from freezing temperatures and wind. It is also known as a parka. 

But “Anorak” is also a British slang term which refers to a person who has a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects. This interest may be unacknowledged or not understood by the general public. The term is sometimes used synonymously with “geek” or “nerd”, or the Japanese term “otaku”, albeit referring to different niches.

In 1984 the Observer newspaper first used the term as an alternative term for the prototype group interested in detailed trivia, the trainspotters, as members of this group often wore unfashionable but warm coats called anoraks when standing for hours on station platforms or along railway tracks, noting down details of passing trains.


1951-wise I would probably describe myself as a bit of an anorak. It is quite odd. I’m the first to admit it. But a healthy obsession about the year of my birth is better than say an unhealthy obsession about the year of my death. So let’s have no more on the subject of anoraks or parkas …


American soldier (engineers) in Korea wearing an M-1951 parka.

Oh come on. It’s me. What did you expect. A parka is another word for anorak.  The M-1951 parka was a no expense spared field-jacket made for American troops serving in the Korean War using the finest materials in order to combat the severe Korean winters. They went into production in June 1951 although they weren’t widely used until 1952/3.


11 responses to “Embracing my anorak self …

  1. I think it is very unfortunate that ‘anorak’ is used in such derogatory terms. The coat is a very practical and snuggly item, whilst people who know lots about certain things are delightful and interesting. I think I want to become an anorak about anoraks (both kinds)

  2. Interesting! Thanks for choosing to follow my humble blog! I will enjoy visiting yours!

  3. This picture is fantastic. Thanks for the education on anorak. I didn’t know that.

  4. Very neat trivia! I have a couple of them, faux lined and very warm. I’m not certain if I am an anorak as I don’t believe I am obsessive about any one thing, though I’m sure I’m at the cusp of it with a few things! Great post! 🙂

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