Music – A simple pleasure?

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

Music is such a simple pleasure isn’t it? We just select something on our electronic music box, or tune in to our favorite music station… listen… relax.

But what makes us choose our audio delight at any given moment? Our mood can certainly dictate a preference  at any given time. Are you in a happy mood or a thought provoking mood? Do you want to dream of things that might be, or dwell on the past? Perhaps you want to be totally absorbed by overpowering sounds, or perhaps you want to escape to serenity for a while? Perhaps you just want a background?

What makes us choose an instrumental rather then a song. An instrumental can certainly answer the needs in the prior paragraph… but lyrics? Perhaps you are in a social conscience state of mind and need to hear it vocalized, or perhaps you are in between relationships and…

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