Beaches …

Beaches …

This is a picture of me, (The Anonymous Majority), circa 1955 building sand castles on a beach with my Mum. I suspect I may well have been attempting to draw her attention to a nearby ice-cream vendor. This splendid photograph was taken by my Dad with his Brownie 127 camera at a setting of Gas mark 3.

This second glorious snapshot is of me on a nice pebble beach this time. We were staying in one of the caravans you can spot lurking suspiciously in the background. I think that the object on my immediate right is the crumpled remains of my parachute. Hence the first rule of skydiving : Always eat a banana immediately after landing.


7 responses to “Beaches …

  1. I have similar pics of me… and I how I would love to know what was going through my mind at the time! πŸ™‚

  2. I chuckled away reading this. But something is bothering me – is it just me or was your mum in fact Margaret Thatcher? Juliet (born in Glasgow a long time ago)

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