Inside my head …

Inside my head …

I had an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scan the other day. It was actually quite relaxing in a weird sort of a way, confined in a narrow tube with magnets whirring and buzzing away all round. Reminded me of the noises you get on an arcade pinball machine. It was a busy little miracle building up images of the inside of my head.

The whole process took about twenty minutes. Lying there, I brought to mind so many things. Summer days and starry nights. Butterflies and the cats we looked after on Corfu. Things going on at the edge of the universe. My wife. My children. Songs & poetry. All sorts of stuff. I wanted that scanner to see beautiful things … just in case it had to see something not so beautiful.


18 responses to “Inside my head …

  1. Good luck with the results Chris. A very poetic statement expressive of exactly how I felt drink mine.

  2. Very much hoping it doesn’t see something horrible!

  3. What a beautifully quirky little post. I do hope you are okay, Chris.

  4. I trust it located a brain in there, and also that it was looking pretty good for a “not so young one”! 🙂

  5. Before and after my Brain surgery, I’d been inside that MRI machine alot. Didn’t enjoy much. However, thankful such machine was invented!

  6. Sorry you needed to have this, hope it wasn’t for anything too terrible.

  7. I’m claustrophobic so I dread the thought of those tunnel scans, although you make it sound quite appealing. All the best with the results, Chris. 😉

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