Mighty Mouse and You

This is such a brilliant post. Squeak. Which is why squeak I am blogging it. Hell … that cat looks tasty. SQUEAK!! 🐭🐁🐀🐀🐱🐈🐩

Life in the Boomer Lane

Those readers who are convinced that North Korean missiles are now, even as we speak, headed this way, have no need to continue reading this blog post. If you truly believe you have mere moments left, you certainly don’t want to spend them wallowing in Life in the Boomer Lane’s depleted mental universe. Please come up with something that has a bit more value, even if it just means polishing off all the snacks in the house.

The rest of you, those who believe you may have some time left in which to inhabit the earth, may be concerned about your aging brain cells.  Aging brain cells, like any other body part, are susceptible to deterioration. They become inflexible, unruly, and often run amok at any given moment. This wreaks havoc with daily schedules, interpersonal relationships and sexual activity.  They also send mixed signals about hair. They stop growing…

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