The Accident Book Continueth …

The Accident Book Continueth …

This post relates to that hideous journal of  unmitigated disaster: THE ACCIDENT BOOK. You will no doubt remember that it concerns the many mishaps of my highly accident-prone friend and sometimes employee, Watkins. These were recorded by his former employer Lord Northbunker on his country estate in Dorset where he worked as an assistant Groundsman.

I stopped at Extract #13 which seemed gruesomely appropriate at the time. I knew I had to stop as it was becoming almost unbearable to relate.

Anyway, dear friends – after several months of intensive therapy with my good friend and mentor Doctor Eva Zuckerbauer at her mountain retreat in Switzerland – I now feel able to resume. And it is in this respect that I do have a small request to ask of you regarding  said continuance thereof.

So, here’s the thing. The heart of the matter. I would absolutely love it if you were to try and  guess one of the mishaps not  yet  listed. And, through the very miracle that is the comments box, I will tell you if you are correct. I have a sneaky feeling that you will all be bang on he money whatever you suggest. Hey … feel free to ask your friends to join in as well. You could steamroller them into it. Steamroller – now there’s a thought.

Just to refresh your memory, here is a list of just a few accidents thus far related to you …

  • Trampoline
  • Kite flying
  • Electric shock
  • Fireworks
  • Lawn mower
  • Rottweiler
  • Parachute

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Nobody called Watkins was hurt during the writing of this post. God knows I tried!



11 responses to “The Accident Book Continueth …

  1. Poor Watkins. Has he recovered from falling off the cliff or diving into the empty swimming pool? Goodness, he really is accident prone. Stay away from him is my advice.

    • Another staggering coincidence. He did indeed survive plunging into an empty swimming pool. As for the cliff incident … it was touch and go for awhile. A post will appear about this in the fullness of time. Thank you for dropping by and for your amazing guesses.

  2. This is so tempting! How about: fatally stabbed by a psychopath in LA on a Tuesday?

    • Oh this is absolutely uncanny. OMG!! How did you know that!!
      Fortunately … it wasn’t actually fatal. Watkins made a full recovery. He laughs about it now. 😂
      Thank you so much for taking part. A post about his LA experience will appear in the fullness of this me. 🌹🆗

  3. Gosh, this is difficult since I always feel with Watkins and I am so sorry for what he already went through!!

  4. Hypothermia? That time he took little Thomas and Edwina out on a spring evening’s badger watch?

    • Wow. This is really beginning to freak me out. Yet another totally accurate guess. 😁🎺🎺 Are you people out there psychic or something! Thank you for your uncanny guess.

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