The Man who Saved the World

The Man who Saved the World

Earlier on today President Trump said that, if necessary, North Korea would be totally destroyed. There is always going to be another way. One man proved this …


13 responses to “The Man who Saved the World

  1. I remember a similar story about a Russian submariner during the Cuban missile crisis – ordered to fire a nuclear tipped torpedo (this doesn’t sound right) in response to a maneuver by an American naval vessel he refused and thus WWIII was averted….

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    There is a better way. Has to be.

  3. These are dangerous times. Have reblogged!

  4. Yes, there is always another way! Destroying is no alternative – no matter what!

  5. We heard about this man on one of our radio stations yesterday. Brave man indeed.
    These are dangerous times made more dangerous by an eglomaniac in the White House. I hope Trump has some less jumpy people guiding him.
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    • Hopefully President Trump’s advisors will continue to advise him wisely. Who knows what may happen if push comes to shove. Surely the love and common sense of ordinary folk will prevail.

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    Dangerous times require cool heads.

  7. Great story. Never knew about this man before now!

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