“America is a Gun”

America is a Gun …

Students all over the United States have been marching to call for stricter gun control laws.

“America is a gun” is a poem by Brian Bilston.

This is the sort of poem that really reaches the very heart of the matter. It says it all. Please feel free to reblog.

36 responses to ““America is a Gun”

  1. Obviously this poet hasn’t visited any of these other lands. Believe me Germany’s not an Oompah band and were it not for the blood shed by many Americans most of these countries would be speaking German now. We have problema to fix for sure. The UK and France are trying to fix there’s with Brexit and closed borders. There’s good people here, we have been generous to the world, I resent this bs poem

    • Hi there. I certainly appreciate what you are saying. And yes, all countries have their problems and there certainly is no escaping history. All the best. Chris.

    • I think the point the poet is making is that all these countries have laws to control gun ownership except America. Remember composing a poem like this needs rhyme and it’s far from easy. You are right no nation can boast and play the game of self- righteousness.

      • I get the point. I am an anti gun advocate. This poem is anti America. I don’t read anything s out the chemical weapons used on children in Syria, or Putin’s retaliation By poisoning his enemies. I know hate when I read it.

      • I see your point. The poem is certainly anti gun and is effective as such. It would be easy to play a game of substitution of subject and country and they would all be true. The UK is a major arms manufacturer so he could have written a poem about that I guess.

      • Sometimes in their anger and anguish people blame a whole nation for what the leaders of that nation do , in the same way all Germans were stigmatized for the holocaust. I suppose there is some truth in that view after all we elected our leaders. The blame game is a complicated one some now are blaming the media saying they were misled by false news. I’m 75 and I must admit the deeper I gaze into the motives of men the more confused I become.

      • As long as the world contains the sort of folk who have made the comments in this small post … then there is always hope.

      • Germany is an oompah land. Yes, that’s what their halocaust survivors are thinking.

      • The poet probably wrote this to provoke discussion and yes, a sense of anger.

      • It is ignorant but we can’t all be great poets.

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    Today was a day of tears… and a day of hope.

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  5. Until all humanity recognizes the value of human life, dignity, and acts accordingly, violence and hatred will still exist. If guns are rounded up, people will use clubs. Take away all tools of violence and people will use fists. Teach children to love one another. That is what is missing all over the world.

    • Exactly right my friend. May hope always dwell in peaceful hearts.
      All the best. Chris.

    • How can that be achieved when there is such enormous inequality in the world. I’m a pensioner in the UK and below the poverty line here , yet globally I’m in the richest 2%!

      • perhaps this is why each of us -wherever we are, may only be capable of encouraging one another, or giving a blanket to a shivering stranger, or sending a coin to a charity that feeds the hungry, Or listening to a single mom talk about her child. I’ve personally seen people with a daily struggle to find enough to eat, living in tin shacks, be kind and generous to strangers and that is compelling for me.

      • I agree. We all have to start somewhere. Have a good week ahead.

      • You are right it is good to show those you have contact with that you care regardless of their circumstances.

      • That is a scarey thought. In some ways humanity is just stumbling about in the dark. We have nobody to learn from really. So often, people who have tried to be guiding lights have paid the ultimate price. What’s the answer ? Answers on a postcard please. Yes, I’m a UK pensioner as well. And like you say, we’re the rich ones globally.

      • You made me smile Chris but it’s so true.
        ‘Then to the rolling heavens itself I cried,
        Asking what light had destiny to guide ,
        Her little children stumbling in the the dark
        A blind understanding heaven replied. ‘

  6. “The Children will lead us . . .” America is a country of good, strong people. That strength is needed now. I pray they do the right thing.

  7. Many of us gun owners agree with this sentiment and want limits on all sorts of things – gun show selling, bump stocks, semi-automatics etc. But realistically, all the guns in the US could never be removed. We need to think about practical limits.

  8. Thankfully, I know few Americans who have or are fond of using guns. The Americans I know are simply nice people the kind of which there are all over the world.

  9. The desire to use a gun perhaps better called a killing machine is quite widespread among humans . In 1960 the Duke of Edinburgh shot a tiger in India and quite recently Prince Harry went shooting wild bore in Germany . Royalty were avid hunters throughout the centuries , they had the spare time and the money.
    Bison in America numbered 20-30 million but by 1890 less that 1000 were left. The US government encouraged this monstrous slaughter to starve out the red man.

  10. Think having view points shows character I may not agree with it all although I applaud what it took for you to put it out there heres some of my post titles you maybe interested in posts: Guns,Guns And More Guns, Another Mass Shooting, What Makes A Bully, What Is Wrong With Our Society and The Realities Of Ignorance.

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