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The Fecking 1951 Club Revisited …

The Fecking 1951 Club Revisited …

Today we are revisiting a post I wrote way back in fecking 2012. Back in those days I had all of 31 followers. The situation has improved very nicely thanks to you . But one can never have too many followers. So make fecking sure you give this a LIKE And a fecking COMMENT would be nice. And a fecking REBLOG certainly wouldn’t go amiss either. And if you are not FOLLOWING me, then why the feck not, you fecking fecker!




The 1951 Club Revisited … Something to sink about

The 1951 Club Revisited … Something to sink about  


The Cambridge women’s crew struggled with the choppy conditions. Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images (2016)

Yesterday, March 27, many of us watched the annual Boat Race held between Oxford and Cambridge universities on the River Thames. Cambridge led from the front to win the men’s race for the first time since 2012, while Oxford won a dramatic women’s race which saw the Cambridge crew narrowly avoid sinking in tough conditions.

What happened in 1951 ? Follow the link below to find out.

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