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John Kilbride (1951-1963)

1951 Club

john-kilbrideJohn Kilbride was a 12-year-old child victim of the notorious ‘Moors Murderers’ Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.He was born on the 15th May 1951. He was abducted from Ashton-Under-Lyne market, and taken up to Saddleworth Moor where he was assaulted, strangled and buried. The date was November 23rd 1963.
John’s body was later recovered and buried in Hurst Cemetry, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire.

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Music – A simple pleasure?

A Dog's Life? (Stories of me and him)

Music is such a simple pleasure isn’t it? We just select something on our electronic music box, or tune in to our favorite music station… listen… relax.

But what makes us choose our audio delight at any given moment? Our mood can certainly dictate a preference  at any given time. Are you in a happy mood or a thought provoking mood? Do you want to dream of things that might be, or dwell on the past? Perhaps you want to be totally absorbed by overpowering sounds, or perhaps you want to escape to serenity for a while? Perhaps you just want a background?

What makes us choose an instrumental rather then a song. An instrumental can certainly answer the needs in the prior paragraph… but lyrics? Perhaps you are in a social conscience state of mind and need to hear it vocalized, or perhaps you are in between relationships and…

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My Sunday Poem … # 14

I first posted this in March 2016. It is a beautiful Spring day here in Troon and the daffodils are out in force.

1951 Club

My Sunday Poem … # 14

This is a poem I wrote many years ago when I was living in the wilds of north Norfolk. I’d joined a small group of mostly well established local authors and artists. Most of them could quite literally write (and drink) me under the table. Occasionally I came up with something half decent. 

To Spring 


Sweet lady of the flowers
Waiting on the golden gates of Summer
Queen that lends thy beauty to the earth
Out of Winter’s bleak and lowly rags you came
A child of the mist and cold
And though each being in time created
Calls thee by a different name
They love thee with a single knowing Soul.


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A Walk by the Lake

I just had to reblog Andrew’s poem. So moving.

Andrew's View of the Week

Remember the playful days of youth when the sun
shone down on green fields.
When you’d run so fast
that the wind would blow in your hair.

The joy of rolling down a grassy hill
or skipping a stone across the creek.
The quest for a four-leaf clover in a field of blue grass.

The freedom of not knowing the price
of the snow cones and pink popcorn
that mother bought from the snack shack.

That snack shack, right there.
Right there behind that decaying wall,
on that concrete slab behind the chain link fence

Wonder when they tore it out?
The new boathouse is looking old
on this cloudy morning.

The sign says we can’t feed the ducks.
Mother use to bring a bag of bread crusts.
Remember how fast they’d gather at the promise of that bag?

Guess the sun won’t be joining us this morning.
Yes, we…

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I,writer # 16 … Naming Pens

Routine Matters

I,writer # 16 … Naming Pens


Hello dear reader(s) …

This is not a post about pen names. If JK Rowling wants to call herself Robert Galbraith then that’s absolutely fine by me.

No. This is a post about naming pens. I am fully prepared to admit that this may sound a bit confusing. It may seem like I am splitting hairs but I’m not. Honestly. Sorry to be so annoyingly pedantic.


Even the computer seemed to be scratching its head in puzzlement. You know the form. I tried entering ‘naming pens’ into my friendly neighbourhood search-engine and it absolutely insisted on giving me results for pen names.

I also tried ‘my pen is called ...’ and I got some very useful results like 5 penis facts from NHS Choices and Question: Is my penis normal ?


Naming pens means pen naming …



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Change of Plan!

A Dog's Life? (Stories of me and him)

I had another Post planned for today, but Carol came across a three minute video from TV2 Denmark! I found  it so moving, and so particularly relevant in our current times, that… well here it is! It would seem to me that the more “mileage” this video gets, the better off we should all be.

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The most important thing in life …

Routine Matters

The most important thing in life …



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