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I, Writer #14 … Routine thoughts at 3 a.m.

Routine Matters

I, Writer #14 … Routine thoughts at 3 a.m.



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I, writer # 13 … Am I just being bad ?

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Routine Matters

I, writer # 13 … Am I just being bad ?



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The 1951 Club

I first posted this in February 2011.

1951 Club

The 1951 Club


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Beep, Beep… Beep Beep… The Car Went Beep, Beep, Beep


I want to tell you about a blog called Club 51, run by Chris White. It’s a blog for and about people who were born in 1951. I am an honorary member, since I wasn’t born in 1951. ‘Nuff said about that!


Recently Chris had a post on the 1951 DeSoto (a old car for those of you too young to know what a DeSoto is!). When I read it, I thought of the little green Nash Rambler station wagon my family had, the first car I can actually remember. I suggested since Nash Ramblers were popular in the 50s, he might want to do a post on them, And he did. Here it is:

A quote from that post:“The Nash Rambler is a North American automobile that was produced by the Nash Motors division of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation from 1950 to 1954/55. It is widely acknowledged to be the first successful modern American compact car.”


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The Alice ‘1951’ Tag

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Alice in Wonderland (1951)’ 

Jenny in Neverland

About a billion years now ago, I was tagged by Hailey from The Undateable Girl’s Diary to take part in ‘The Alice 1951 Tag’ (ok it was only a month ago but whatevs). The tag includes Alice in Wonderland themed questions from the original Disney classic, which I absolutely adore so I knew I wanted to give this one a go, I just completely forgot about it and ya’no, life got in the way – as per usual. But, better late than never so here are my answers and I will tag anyone who loves Disney and Alice in Wonderland! But don’t forget to credit Danielle, from Underland to Wonderland who created the tag!


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Huge congratulations to Lucy “PorterGirl” Brazier.

Routine Matters





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I, Writer … # 11

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Routine Matters

I, Writer … # 11




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Writing is easy …

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Routine Matters

Writing is easy …


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Meet and Greet: 7/30/16

I just love meet and greets so thank you for this opportunity.

Now picture this …

Hello. This post is open to everybody.

Routine Matters


We are all sorts on here. Writers, novelists, essayists, poets,
educators, Viking warriors, playwrights, short-story writers, artists, photographers, philosophers, historians, two-headed bio-engineers from Grebulon 5 who have somehow managed to tap into BT broadband and … YOU.

b&w viking&computer_medium

Some of you are young and vibrant with your lives stretching out before you like … stretchy things. Others of us are not quite so young but still possess a remarkable joie de vivre and spirit of adventure that reaches to the very stars.

The one thing we definitely have in common is our love of written communication.


OK guys. But I want all the negatives back!

Anyway …  I was wondering where you all work on your blogs and other writings. I do a fair amount of my work right here …

Imgp6397_kindlephoto-429677697This is my Father Christmas on holiday look

Imgp5518_kindlephoto-197781926This is my writer being bothered by a cat look.

I would…

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