Maybe you know someone in the public domain who was born in 1951? To get in touch with the 1951 Club and tell us:

email :

Talk to me on Twitter @1951club

Find the 1951 Club page on Facebook

Or post a message on this site against the relevant page or item.

If you enjoy using the ‘club facilities’ then please encourage others to join!

About the author: Chris White was born in … yes … 1951! He is a published author of successful children’s books. He lives in Glasgow with his wife Joyce and is currently working on several projects including The 1951 Club.

Posting to this site – Please just remember that even though these are only virtual surrondings, all those who use it are real! So please don’t say anything that could be regarded as hurtful or offensive. All comments can be moderated, edited or removed. By making a comment on this site, you are agreeing in principle to the potential inclusion of your entry in the potential book being written on this project, although personal or contact details would not be used.

If you are not happy about something you find or read here then please email me at and I will do my best to sort it out.


19 responses to “Contact

  1. Thanks for your interesting blog! Ad thanks for following my blog!

  2. I have 21 1951 Bermuda penney’s

    • Hi there. Thank you for your kind follow.Good to know you.
      Where are you from and what are you doing with 21 1951 Bermuda penny’s ? All the very best. Kris

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  4. I just completed my review of your website! You can find it here!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is terrific. Do you think a 1950 birthday has something to do with that? I look forward to many of your reads. Best, Jennie

    • Hi there. Yes. It may well have but in a very nice way obviously. All the very best. Chris.😃🍸

      • Thank you, Chris. Connections often happen in unexpected ways. I’ll have to write a blog post someday about the mutually comparable 30-year-old teachers working with 60-year-old teachers. I love their technology skills, and they love the music, art, and reading-aloud that I bring to children. Yes, I have introduced my preschoolers to the Beatles as well as Vivaldi. Life is good. I’ll take being 66! Best to you, too.

      • That is so nice of you. Anyway … I’m still 18 in my head.
        All the very best. Good to know you. Chris. 😃

  6. It should read – you are agreeing in principle.

  7. Hi Chris, i’ve just done a wee story on my great grandmother who was one of the British Home Children. Of note, her father in law was Robert White 1832-1916. Joined the 100 Foot Regiment Horse Guard in 1858, then mustard out in 1859 for the price of 20 pounds. He was a Glasgow boy who by the time he was 39 yrs old had immigrated to Ontario Canada and at the age of 40 married my 17 year old great great grandmother. Now I wonder what the chances of you and I being related? I am also a Chris, female 1947. So far I know nothing of Robert’s family yet.

  8. Thanks for follow back. It’s great to know you, would like to know more through your blog and I wish, this interesting club would still be there when I’ll be 51 years old, so that I could also join this club. 😃😃

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