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No mere coincidence …

The Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on June 5th 2012. Something seems to have captured their attention as they all gaze skywards.
What could it be ?

Well they are obviously all observing the transit of Venus across the Sun … apart from Harry who seems to have his eyes fixed on another heavenly body.

Oh … and while we’re about it here is a very nice  You Tube clip  of the transit taken in Texas.
And the event as recorded by NASA here.

This event will not be repeated until the year 2117
Fortunately … there are a few connections between Venus and 1951.

This is a picture of the front cover of a science-fiction comic published in 1951  called Earthman on Venus.

And here is the front cover of a Marvel Comic called VENUS published in February 1951.

VENUS … Volume 1 # 12 published February 1951.