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On the Buses … 1951 (part 3)

On the Buses … 1951 (part 3)


The Festival of Britain was a national exhibition held throughout the United Kingdom in the summer of 1951. It was organised by the government to give the British people a feeling of recovery in the aftermath of war and to promote the British contribution to science, technology, industrial design, architecture and the arts.  

So what’s with the picture of a London bus hanging precariously in mid-air then ? Well … in 1950 four London double-decker buses went on a European tour to publicise the oncoming Festival Of Britain in 1951. All four buses went into normal public service on return to London and each carried a “GB” plate at the rear and special plaques on each deck commemorating the tour and with information of the tour. 


London transport RT 3070 being craned onboard a ship in 1950 along with sister vehicles RT 1692, RT 1702 and RT 3114 . 

 The following two items are short pathe news reels covering these four buses on their European tour.

And to wind this post up nicely, here is another short film called Britain Portrayed Abroad – Journey by a London Bus in 1950!  It is very British. Very 1950s. It was intended to be screened abroad. It is deadly serious. Listen and watch. I really think you should. Listen out for the ‘thoughtless man’. It is wonderful.


On the Buses … 1951 (Part 1)

On the Buses … 1951 (Part 1)


For many of us, buses are as much a part of our childhood as toys and teddy bears. Taking a trip on a London Transport bus during the 1950s was always an adventure. The constant ‘ting ting’ of the wire string bells. The glorious occasions when the conductors changed the rolls on their ticket machines and gave you the remainder of the roll.  


Today’s offering is a couple of brief snippets about London buses in 1951 courtesy of Pathe News. Please watch them as they are NOT what you are probably expecting. I guarantee that they will make your happiness factor go up a few points.

How’s your happiness factor ?  This next clip should just about finish the job.

More next week …

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