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Superstorm Sandy versus the New York Cars.

Well … things aren’t looking too good right now and we’re thinking of all the folks caught up in this disaster … and our thoughts go with all the victims and their families. You will prevail.

Meanwhile here is a short pictorial interlude while we all begin to get a handle on it all.

The 1951 Club Guide to … Hosepipe Bans

This is a picture of an American gentleman watering his lawn sometime in 1951 … so that’s the 1951 connection for you.
(Nice motor by the way.)
He looks a bit fed up though if you ask me.

Anyway … this post was inspired by another post I read earlier today  concerning the plight of a great many households in England who are faced with the prospect of a lengthy hosepipe ban. You can read it here .
What follows is a 1951 Club pictorial guide to the hosepipe ban … a few very simple do’s and don’ts to get you through these trying times.

This is ... a very sexy closeup shot of a hosepipe I think you'll agree. Missing you already!

Mmmm ... nice!

So nice in pvc don't you think !

Sorry Madam ... this is a very definite no no.

Still a no no I'm afraid.

Still not going to happen ...

I'm going to think this one out ...

I also ... am going to think this one out.

Oh come on ... What's there to think about for heaven's sake.

Get this fecking thing off my head!!!

The 1951 Club hopes that this Guide was of some use to you and would be grateful for any comments received.  No animals were harmed during the making of this guide.