The Idea …

I was doing some research about the year of my birth, 1951, and I was amazed at the number of well-known people who share this year with me. So I decided I would try and do something to both acknowledge and celebrate the wealth of talent that this particular year produced.

My idea was to create a club and invite well-known people who were born during this year into membership.The next step is to write a book, intended to be a record of my progress…or lack of it ! I started things off  in March 2010 by making a short list of well-known people with the firm intention of writing to everyone on that list,asking them to join the club and be inducted into The 1951 Club Hall of Fame. You can see some of them right here.

You get an email or letter from this guy called Kris White with an invitation to join The 1951 Club. They say that fame has its drawbacks. Well, surely one of these  has to be people like me!

Choices available to those I have approached:

  1. Reach for the waste-paper basket or hit the delete button;
  2. Severely reprimand your agent/manager/PA for forwarding it to you in the first place (what were they thinking of).
  3. Go with the SPAM blocker option which leads you into the risky world of false negatives and false positives.
  4. Issue a polite thanks but no thanks.
  5.  Reply with a YES (and I really like this one)…What a great idea.You are a genius. I wholeheartedly accept.

Well, some of these have certainly happened,except that no one has actually mentioned the word genius as yet.

The whole thing then started to snowball as I came across the names of more and more people, including several former prime ministers, a whole rocket load of astronauts and no less than three members of the legendary rock band Judas Priest. I was also finding the names of non-humans who were born or introduced in the same year.
It was all getting just a tad complicated when someone very helpfully suggested that I should start a website. (I think it may well have been  Jules ‘Greeting the 500’  Segal.) This, he said, would prove a valuable point of reference and  help keep people informed. So the fact that you are reading this now would seem to indicate a measure of success in this respect….either that or you have accidentally stumbled across this website whilst in a drunken stupor and you just know you’ll regret it in the morning. Moving on ………

The title was going to be The 1951 Club (Reaching 60) which I thought was a pretty neat idea because I was originally going to contact sixty well-known people coming up to their 60th birthday in 2011. Then I thought of changing the title to The 1951 Club (Hitting 60) which I thought gave the whole thing a bit of street-cred. My wife then pointed out,very sarcastically it seemed at the time, that I would be lucky to even manage to contact 60 well-known people…let alone get to hit them!

Finally (yes it does exist) I feel I should mention the people who have inspired me. I have them to thank.I have them to blame.

I shall refer to them as my Five Gurus. I quite like to think of them as the literary equivalent of The Traveling Wilburys. I shall,of course,leave them to sort out who’s who,and they can then let me know in the fullness of time!

In the world of bar-bet books and seemingly hopeless challenges played out with all  their agonising twists and turns  on the goggle box….these guys reign supreme. They are ( in no particular order) :  Mr Jules Segal, Mr Justin Lee CollinsMr Tony HawksMr Danny WallaceMr Dave Gorman.


75 responses to “The Idea …

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  2. Very nice ideea! If you don’t mind I try this in my case 1971…

  3. Good idea and fun, the best thing about my 60th was going for a balloon ride over the Barossa Valley south australia

  4. I really like the idea. This would be a pleasant book to have. I’d presume it’d be, like, one of those big, really well designed coffee table books. Those are cool.

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  6. Brilliant idea. Looking forward to perusing your finds!

  7. have found you thro thro orthodoxsunflower’s latest sharing post – and as I’m a 1951 -er thought I’d follow you – I’m obviously not famous enuf for you to invite me – smile – but its interesting to look at the year of my birth too, as I’ve never really given it a lot of thought!

    • Ah ha! Good to hear from you.Thanks for your follow. When I finish this I shall follow you as well. I am very happy to make you a member and give you your very own post. Why? Well, I’ve been doing this blog for 5 years and you are the first non-famous person to ask! It was the word smile that did it. All the very best. Kris.

  8. how nice – smile – smile – smile….
    thanks for your follow too

  9. Lovely blog – thank you for the follow…
    cate b 😀

  10. Hi kris thanks for all your support😊 ive nominated you for an award keep up the good work.
    cheers Rich.

  11. I had my 5th birthday in 1951. Does that count for anything?????????? 🙂

  12. Ok, now I’m disappointed to be a 1956-er!

  13. Wow this quite interesting 🙂 its first time I came across with a blog with a different mission 🙂 I like the name and concept 🙂

  14. Wow … Thank you so much. I don’t often get them. So it’s really lovely. Very well done on your award as well. Kris. 😀

  15. Hi Chris, sorry I’m not from 1951 so I won’t be able to be a big help to your club but, I was wondering, according to Chinese Horoscope what animal represents the people born in 1951? Don’t ask me why I got this idea… it just crossed my mind (kind of like the meteorite you tamed) 😉

    • Hi Anna. It doesn’t matter when you were born. You are very welcome and I really appreciate you being here.
      The Chinese Horoscope sign for 1951 is RABBIT.
      All the very best. Keep dropping by. Kris.

  16. Hi Chris,
    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can pick it up here:
    I hope that you’ll enjoy the award although there is no pressure to participate. 🙂

  17. Hi Chris thank you so much for stopping by my Blog leaving your link on my Meet and Greet weekly event! You have a nice Blog I Follow now! Lokking forward to your posts! 😉

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  19. This is an interesting and unusual concept for a blog! Thank you so much for following mine – returning the compliment.

  20. My better half shares that year with you.

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  22. Fun idea – too bad I am a wee bit too old to join the club!

  23. What a wonderful and intriguing blog idea. I’m of the 1953 crowd but imagine you’ve met plenty of interesting people. Again, thanks for following my blog. I’m looking for great things from you. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

  24. A great idea, I look forward to following your progress!

  25. What a brilliant idea! Unfortunately I’m much too young to join (1954). Slap sadly not famous enough. Oh well…

  26. What a lovely idea… there should be such a club for every year!

  27. LOL… have a super day!

  28. Great idea!! I want to try this.

  29. Thank you so much for the interest in my blog. I was 3 years old in 1951. A great year! 🙂 And your blog is a great idea! I look forward to your posts. Thanks again for your interest!

  30. enjoying your blog 🙂

  31. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Real Neat Blog Award.

    More about this nomination is at

  32. Well deserved 🙂 Keep blogging!

  33. Hi Chris! Thanks a lot for joining me!
    Awesome blog here! 🙂

  34. I’m 10 years too old to join your Club – but I was born in the same town as most of Judas Priest. Is that a recommendation?

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