1951 list

The List contains the names of mainly well-known people who were born during the year 1951. A few of those also featured belong to non-humans who were either born or introduced during this year. Find out more about how this list was made at the end of this page.

**The List does NOT form the membership role of the 1951 Club. The names are of potential members.


Frank Aaen, Catherine Acholonu, Andre Aciman,  Bertie Ahern,  Alex Allan,  Karen Allen,  Kirstie Alley,  Jeff Altman, David Alton, Nancy Alvarez,  Andy Anderson, Ralph Angel,  The Archers, Lucie Arnaz, Kate Atkinson,  Phillip Bailey, Lawrence Ball,  Paul Barber,  Summer Bartholomew, Princess Basma of Jordan,  Greg Bear,  Chris Bell,  Richard Bennett,  Sandahl Bergman,  Eric Bibb,  Jill Biden,  Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Birdseye,  Paul Boateng,  Brian Bolland,  Timothy Bottoms, Oddvar Bra, Charles E.Brady, T.E. Breitenbach, Gordon Brown,  Dan Bricklin,  The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Ken Bruce,  Bill Bryson,  Roger Bumpass,  Biff Byford, Bobby Caldwell,  The Capitol Hill Club, Lynda Carter,  June Chadwick,  Victoria Chaplin,  Martin Chambers,  Lorraine Chase,  Cicciolina  Bootsy Collins,  Phil Collins,  John Conteh,  Chris Cooper,  Frank Cordaro,  David Coverdale,  Christopher Cross,  Peter Cross,  Tim Cross, Kenny Dalglish,  Dana,  Beverly D’Angelo,  Tony Danza,  Patti D’arbanville,  Peter Davison,  Pam Dawber,  John Deacon,  Charles de Lint,  Dennis the Menace UK,  Dennis the Menace USA, Bettina Devin,  Pavel Douglas,  K.K.Downing,  Dominique Dropsy, Charles S.Dutton, Esther Dyson,  Dale Earnhardt,   Mary & Ellen,  Yvonne Elliman,  Trevor Eve,  Lynne Featherstone,  Ferranti Mark 1,  Lou Ferrigno,  Linda Finch,  Donald Findlay,  Vera Fischer,  John Fleck,  Dan Fogelberg,  Samantha Fox,  Stu Francis,  Al Franken,  Chris Frantz,  Ace Frehley,  Jack Gantos,  Crystal Gayle,  Bob Geldof,  Rick Gibson,  Andrew Gold,  Yvonne Goolagong,  Trudie Goodwin,  Gort,  Wayne Goss,  Russell Grant,  Brian Grazer, Sturla Gunnarsson,  Geir Haarde,  Richard Hadlee, Kicki Hakansson,  Rob Halford,  Tom Hamilton,  Harry Hamlin,  Mark Hammill,  Adrian Hardiman,  Steve Harley,  Mark Harmon,  Catherine Hicks, Tommy Hilfiger,  Ian Hill,  Steve Hillage,  Rob Hood,  Michael Horse, Madelaine Howard,  Mark Hudson,  Ashfaq Hussain, Olivia Hussey, Anjelica Huston, Chrissie Hynde,  Janis Ian,  Robert Iger,  Frank Infante,  Andy Irvine,  Jackie Jackson,  Graham James,  Louise Jameson,  Walk Jocketty,  David Johnson,  Ralph Johnson,  Karen Kain,  Anatoly Karpov, George Karl, George Kartsotis,  Michael Keaton,  Kevin Keegan,  James Patrick Kelly,  Nikki Kelly, Roslyn Kind,  Christian Lacroix,  Cheryl Ladd,  Guy LaFleur,  Patty Larkin,  Richard Leigh,  Rush Limbaugh,  John Lloyd,  Julian Lloyd Webber,  Nils Lofgren,  Tress MacNeille,  Melissa Manchester,  Princess Marie-Christine Margo,  Mick Mars,  Barry.J.Marshall,  Dean Paul Martin, Estino Martinez,  Peter Maurice,  Peter May,  Mary McAleese,  Jim McCaffrey,  Terry McDermott, Billy McEwan,  K.T.McFarland,  J.P.McManus,  John Mellencamp,  Kay Mellor,  Alley Mills,  Alan Minter,  Miss World Pageant,  Gilbert Montagne, Barbara Morgan,  Sally Morgan,  Michael ‘Mouse’ Morris,  Bill Moseley,  David Murray,  David Naughton,  Tiff Needell,  Niney the Observer,  Tom Noonan, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan,  Jay North, Lucky Oceans, Suze Orman,  Wayne Osmond,  Faith Page, Joe Pantoliano,  Dave Parker,  Rebecca Parris,  Korky Paul,  Geoffrey Pearson,  Kim Peek,  Wayne Perkins,  Cassandra Peterson, Anthony Phillips,  Mark M. Phillips,  Paul Pisasale,  Joe Piscopo,  Mr Pogo,  Romina Power,  Peter Powell, Steve Prefontaine,  Don Quarrie,  Paul Quinn,  Dee Dee Ramone,  Joey Ramone,  Chris Rea,  Tony Rice,  Jonathan Richman,  Steven Riddick,  Sally Ride,  David Rosen,  Scott Ross,  Gary Rossington,  Eva Rueber-Staier,  Geoffrey Rush,  Kurt Russell, Robin Sachs,  Selina Scott,  Jane Seymour,  Jamey Sheridan,  Alan Silson,  Mike Singleton,  Stellan Skarsgard,  Yakov Smirnoff,  Dave Spikey,  David Spinx,  JoJo Starbuck, Hans-Joachim, Stuck, The Sherlock Holmes Society,  Terry St Clair,  Sting,  Barbara Stocking,  Kathryn D. Sullivan,  Philip Tartaglia,  Andy Thomas,  Richard Earl Thomas,  Jacqueline Tong,  Bonnie Tyler,  Univac 1,  Michael Uslan,  Terry Uttley,  Luther Vandross,  Vivian Vande Velde,  Jack Vetrianno,  Sidney Wade,  David Walters,  Lalla Ward,  James Whale,  Kevin Whatley, Philip Whitchurch,  Sandra White,  Verdine White,  Robin Williams,  Treat Williams,  Kim Wilson,  Dave Winfield,  Edward Witten,  Wivenhoe Over 60s Club,  Trevor Womble,  Mitch Woods,  Tom Wopat,  Antony Worrall Thompson,  Helen Worth,  Bao Xishun,  Bernard Xolotl,  Linda Yamamoto,  Cassie Yates,  David Yip,  Karen Young,  Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey,  Joel Youngblood,  Jim Zykler.

**Please note that 1951 Club membership is strictly on the basis that any individual or their representative has expressed a willingness and desire to join in writing. The 1951 Club also reserves the right to welcome some individuals into honorary membership even though they were born in other years. This would be usually on the grounds of having performed a service for the Club or in recognition of their outstanding achievement. It is obviously not intended nor does it claim to be to be a definitive list of well-known people born in 1951: the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia alone lists over 6000 people of note who were born in 1951. Sadly some of those individuals on the list are no longer with us. Wherever possible the 1951 Club has respectfully attempted to write to a relative or their representative to see whether the individual would have possibly liked to have been included.


10 responses to “1951 list

  1. I share a birthday with Anjelica Huston. I don’t know how I know that, but it’s true.

  2. Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry to follow our ministry blog. May our poetry bless your hearts and minds 🙂

  3. Personally, I believe that people born in 1947 have more class. I just can’t think of any names right now.

  4. David Bowie, Brian May…say no more.

    • Well I certainly won’t argue with that. So that’s David Bowie, Brian May for 1947 and I’ll raise you Phil Colins, John Deacon, David Coverdale and Chris Rea for 1951.

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