This is a list of the wonderful people who have thus far very kindly agreed to become 1951 Club members. Look in the gallery to find out more about them :

Alex Allan      British chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee
The Archers    British Radio series broadcast from 1951 until present.
Lucie Arnaz    American actress, singer, producer and director .
Thom Breitenbach   American artist
Dennis the Menace   British comic book character (intro.1951)
Dennis the Menace   American comic book character (intro. 1951)
Bettina Devin     American actress and singer
Esther Dyson   American Businesswoman and entrepreneur
Mary & Ellen    Elephants living at Littlerock Zoo.  (Born 1951)
Lynne Featherstone    British politician and Member of Parliament.
Ferranti Mark 1    British made 1st electronic computer (1951)
Geir Haarde    Prime Minister of Iceland  (2006-2009)
GORT   The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
Rob Hood   Australian horror writer
Graham James    Lord Bishop of Norwich
Louise Jameson    British actress ( Leela in BBC’s Dr Who)
James Patrick Kelly   American Science Fiction writer
Richard Leigh   American Country Music songwriter/performer
Rebecca Parris   American Jazz Singer
Korky Paul   Award-winning Illustrator
Cassandra Peterson   American actress  (aka Elvira,Mistress of the Dark )
Paul Pisasale   Mayor of Ipswich,  Queensland, Australia
Steve Prefontaine  (1951-1975)   American middle & long-distance runner
Terry St. Clair   British Singer-Songwriter
The Sherlock Holmes Society of London   ( founded in 1951)
Dave Spikey        English comedian, actor and writer
Hans- Joachim Stuck   German Racing Driver
Univac 1   American 1st commercially produced computer – 1951
Antony Worrall Thompson   British Celebrity Chef and Author


7 responses to “Members

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  2. Consider me impressed at your skill, getting all these people to agree seems no mean feat!

  3. Can I join this group? how we communicate.

    • Of course you can my friend. I know you are already following the 1951 Club. The Club is open to everybody. There are no divides or borders here. Were you born in 1951 ? It doesn’t really matter. Most people think that 1951 is all about history. It is much more than that. All the best.

  4. What a terrific idea! Loving your blog and celebrating 1951. Found you on Jason’s “Opinionated Man” blog review 🙂

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