my sunday poem … # 3

my sunday poem … # 3


It’s Sunday. This is a new poem written for some of my friends on WordPress. Hope you enjoy it. Have a good day. Have a great week.


life in russia, a journey with you
nerdy book club, pigeons blue
hooksamui, golden daze
but I smile anyway
waffle me this, first night design
groovy historian, erika kind
daily echo, quixotree
momentary lapse of sanity
river Hayden’s wacky world
secret diary of portergirl
all things chronic, fly with nate
chris the story reading ape

(author’s note)

And if by chance I’ve missed you out.
Don’t weep in sad despair
Next week I’ll post the pic you sent
Of you in underwear.



11 responses to “my sunday poem … # 3

  1. Ha ha, glad to see you must be feeling better. X

  2. Looks like those men were proud of their underwear, back in 1951.

  3. Yes, by the way, thanks for the mention, in that very unique poem. I’m glad to know I rhyme with something.

  4. Brilliant kris thankyou☺

  5. Ooooh! I am delighted to be mentioned! I do hope you won’t be sharing the underwear pics, though. The were meant just for you 😉

  6. How wonderful of you to include me, Kris. Much appreciated.

  7. Haha.. Chris what a lovely poem 🙂

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